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One of my passions is to write Light Language grids for people.  The Mayans held this knowledge for safe keeping until just recently.  Starr Fuentes spent three years with her Curandero (Master Healers) teacher in Mexico learning how to read and write in lightShe trained others to teach this healing and manifestation tool beginning in 2002.  I became a certified Light Language teacher in 2004 and have since taught hundreds how to use sacred geometry and color to heal and change their lives.

Personal Chakra Grid

Above is an example of a personal chakra grid.  These grids are placed in your aura and create balance and stability for you.  They repel chaos and attract positive aspects.  You choose and create your personal grid rather than letting your patterns or belief systems run your life.  Attracts energies in a harmonious fashion. Just like ‘The Law of Attraction’. Your life ‘feels’ better.  Each grid lasts for approximately 17 months unless you create a new one sooner.

12 shape PCG

Above is an example of a 12 shape chakra grid.  This grid extends upwards to include the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies.  Repelling chaos and attracting positive aspects.  This grid lasts for about 17 months as well and expands your light field.  When people enter your energy field all thoughts of ‘harm’ or ‘chaos’ disappear.  You have your own personal protection and boundaries within your aura.  Only those energies that you choose are allowed to enter.

49-Shape Grid

The above grid is an example of a 49-shape grid.  These grids are used for personal goals.  For example, creating a new job, finding your ideal mate, selling a house, increase your self-esteem.

Creating physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health and well-being.  These grids last until they manifest or if you place a date in the title until that date arrives.

You can request your deepest desires to the Universe and the answer is always ‘yes’.  A Light Language grid will hold that ‘silent prayer’ or request in your aura/energy field until it becomes your reality.

MariEL Healing Sessions

A MariEL healing session works on the genetic level through all lifetimes throughout all time and space.  Whatever patterns you are carrying in your DNA can be removed and shifted with this healing.  You take an ‘active’ part in this healing session.  I will guide you through cleansing the energy you carry in each chakra as you communicate to me your experiences.  This is different from Reiki where you are silent during the session.

This healing technique was anchored on the earth plane by Ethel Lombardi. She was the 2nd Reiki Master to be trained by Hawayo Takata in 1976. She creating a new healing system called Mari-EL. Mary for Mother Mary and EL for God.  Translated:  God’s Love through Mary.

Ethe was a red-haired feisty Irish Grandmother, who offered us unconditional love every summer at the retreat center in Minnesota.  I received the MariEL healing attunements with Ethel in 1984.  And I’ve been practicing all that she taught me ever since.  I have no clue how many MariEL healing sessions I’ve offered over the years.  Each time I share this loving feminine energy with people, I’m amazed at how much more light people can hold when they let go of all the patterns of pain they are carrying.

Here’s a picture of Ethel with one of her students.


I opened Crystal Health Center in 1986 and enjoyed over 22 years of offering massage therapy to my clients. I’ve completed my massage career and I am now focusing on sharing my expertise in Energy Medicine and the healing arts.

I am always searching for the cutting edge therapies which assist people in their personal growth and healing. I have studied with many master healers and teachers. I was privileged to learn from Ether Lombardi, who was the 2nd Reiki Master initiated by Hawayo Takata. Ethel was a Master Healer and Teacher and I was initiated into her MariEL healing technique in 1984. Ethel also taught The Next Step and The Freedom Class, both of which I incorporate into my private healing sessions.

My personal sessions include MariEL healings, shifting you on the genetic level, Light Language, the art of communicating with Light to heal, transform and manifest, Goal Setting & Manifesting, and Spiritual/Personal Counseling sessions.

I love teaching Light Language locally and via Skype. I am a certified Light Language teacher and Light Language Teacher Trainer. This modality has given me the opportunity to change my life, manifest my dreams and bring balance and harmony into my life.

I live in a log home near Stone City with my partner, our cat, and a variety of wildlife. I enjoy gardening, teaching piano lessons, collecting crystals & rocks, reading, traveling and playing with my granddaughters. My goals include living a happy, healthy lifestyle and having the opportunity to offer spiritual wisdom and guidance to those I meet.

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