Jennifer Bishop


Jennifer Bishop


Intuitive Tarot or Oracle Card Reading

60 minute session for $50

Sometimes you need clarification on a particular question or would just like an over view of your current situation to help you identify and understand the choices and paths before you.  During the reading, I will share what messages come through from Spirit while we allow the cards to identify what information you need to pay attention to and that which needs to be let go of.

Dream Interpretation

60 minute session for $50

We all dream.  Dreams are not only necessary for our physical and mental health, but they are also a form of communication in the spirit realm.  Our dreams are much more than the processing of the past day’s events.  In fact, there are a multitude of dream types.  They can be a message that helps you to clarify a situation or feeling you may have, or could be a visitation from a loved one who has passed.  Sometimes we need guidance to understand a particular dream and what it is trying to tell us.  This is when meeting with an intuitive Dream Interpreter can be helpful.  In your one on one session, we will talk through your dream to identify which type of dream it is, the message behind it, and a plan going forward to help you to recognize and work through the messages presented in your dream.

Reiki Energy Healing Session

30 minutes for $30 or 60 minutes for $45

Reiki is a form of energy healing that works holistically to help alleviate stress and pain on the body, mind, and spirit.  The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words, Rei and Ki which translate into “Universal Life Energy”.  Fortunately, this energy healing modality is gaining support in various medical communities, as can be seen on the website for The Center for Reiki Research.  The intention of a Reiki session is to create deep relaxation, assist the speed of healing, reduce pain, and thus help the body to facilitate an environment conducive to healing on all levels.

Contact: Jennifer at  or 319-361-9195

As an empathic intuitive and lightworker, Jennifer is driven to help others learn, heal, and grow as they travel their own life journey.  She is certified in Usei Reiki, offering energy healing sessions, Group Meditations and Dream Interpretation.  Because knowledge is the key to unlocking who we are as spiritual beings and increasing our own awareness of our intuitive abilities, Jennifer will also present classes on various metaphysical topics ranging from Reclaiming Intuitive Abilities, to Reincarnation. There will also be a monthly book club with a variety of fiction and non-fiction metaphysical books to help promote friendship and an open dialog of communication. Please join Jennifer in learning and growing together.

Jennifer Bishop
Empathic Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner

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