Group Sharing Events

We have many opportunities for people of like-mind to gather together and share their talents and skills.  Check our calendar for current dates and times of each Sharing.

If you have suggestions for other activities, please contact us.

MEDITATION GROUP can be enjoyed by all levels of experience. Guided meditation and breath work is explored. Individual coaching is available upon request. (free will offering)
HERBS AND OILS GROUP explores the safety, applications and benefits of oils and herbs in a workshop format. Includes hands on usage and creating. ($)
SPIRITED ART GROUP will work on art and craft projects that explore and express our spiritual side. ($).
ENERGY/REIKI SHARES are open to practitioners and those who want to experience energy healing. (free will offering).
INTUITION DEVELOPMENT will explore, develop and practice using our intuition and psychic abilities. (free will offering).
REFLEXOLOGY SHARE is held periodically and is for anyone who knows reflexology and is willing to give and receive a treatment. This is also a great opportunity to share knowledge and information regarding upcoming events. (free will offering).
LIKE-MINDED GROUP is open to all and is intended to be an opportunity for the sharing of ideas, experiences, community and of course food. We could discuss books and videos or go down a different path. The group will decide! (Please bring snack/dish to share). Children are welcome at the discretion of their parents.
SPIRITED RESOLUTIONS is a paranormal experiential group/class committed to safe and respectful exploration of all things paranormal. This is a beginner’s group; Adults and children (age 10 and up) are welcome, but must be accompanied by parent. (free will offering).
REIKI KIDS is for children of all ages accompanied by a parent. We will learn about the history of Reiki and have Reiki Shares. We will learn about and practice with energy, meditation, the human energy system, herbs, oils, and intuition’ Children will be attuned to Usui Reiki level 1 (and 2 depending on age.) (free will offering for the class; there will be an occasional materials fee).
MEDITATION SERIES explores how to make meditation a part of your life. Learn how to meditate-and how it can be integrated into your daily life. Discover the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Each class will include handouts, discussion and practice. (free will offering).
(Suggested free will offering is $5.)

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  1. Paige says:

    I would like to get my grand daughter, age 7, in to something like “loving kindness” or “compassion” meditation. She is having some social type problems at school. I do not know if she would need a private lesson and then the group or what the procedure is for someone so young, but I think we can help her. I could use a little meditation time myself.

    In Peace,

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